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Welcome to TelevisionQuest, a Denver-based artistic endeavor that breathes new life into the old, finding beauty and meaning where others might see outdated relics. At the heart of our mission is the art of up-cycling, the artful transformation of dated broadcast equipment into modern vehicles of visual wonder.

We believe that the past holds immense value, and through our creative process, we rekindle the magic of yesteryears. Our artwork and products exude a romantic nostalgia for a bygone era, a time that may exist only in our dreams.

Art. Life. Style.

An image of the TelevisionQuest poster, "By The Seaside" decorating a wall.

Our journey is one of curiosity and exploration, a voyage into uncharted territories where we harness the intricate dance of electrons and capture energy's pulse on cathode-ray tube monitors. Here, we build bridges between the tangible and the unknown.

A woman wearing The Whisperer Backpack by TelevisionQuest over one shoulder.

The captivating interplay of colors and patterns sparked our founder's imagination, leading to a growing collection of vintage video equipment that gradually filled our living spaces. TelevisionQuest is the culmination of years of personal artistic exploration and unwavering passion.

A woman wearing The Leo Women's Joggers by TelevisionQuest.

From a personal odyssey to a joy-filled venture, we now share our creations with the world. Beyond our love for vintage equipment and vivid hues, our mission is clear: infuse these whimsical designs into unique apparel and accessories for those who reject the ordinary.



At TelevisionQuest, we're committed to transparency and honesty in our pricing. The list price is all you'll pay, including worldwide shipping and taxes to most countries. No hidden costs here.


We're all about environmental responsibility. We use organic and recycled fabrics whenever possible, and we minimize our carbon footprint by fulfilling orders from the nearest manufacturer.


We're part of a global movement to preserve technology's legacy. By extending the lifespan of vintage equipment, we foster nostalgia and reduce electronic waste in landfills.


Our mission extends to the entire shopping experience. We strive to make online shopping seamless, enjoyable, and eco-conscious, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.


Crafted on-demand to eliminate overproduction, our products use eco-friendly techniques and materials, like Oeko-Tex™ certified, vegan, water-based inks, and at least 70% organic or recycled materials.


We take our commitment to the environment seriously, even in our packaging. TelevisionQuest products are packed in post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic mailers, reducing plastic's environmental impact.

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An image of a cellular phone displaying the TelevisionQuest Instagram account.